All about Wall Decals

yourdecoshop wall decals will change your atmosphere at home completely! Our adhesive wall stickers are made of PVC with a tear-resistant, water-resistant as well as UV-resistant foil. You can choose between 35 different colours. You like it multi-coloured? Then opt for one of our multi-coloured, photo-realistic wall art decals! All our wall stickers are suitable for woodchip wallpaper!

Product Features

For yourdecoshop wall decals we only use the finest quality films from the leading manufacturer Orafol ® . The wafer-thin, pliable soft vinyl film fits like a second skin to your wall. For the matte film coating, the motif looks as if painted not stuck. yourdecoshop wall art decals are plotted for its outline, and thus they neither have a border nor a background colour.

yourdecoshop wall murals consist of three films.

Adhesive Properties

yourdecoshop adhesive wall decals hold on almost all smooth surfaces, doors, glass, furniture, and tiles. They are also suitable for woodchip wallpaper and your bathroom. For a long-lasting delight with your wall decor, we recommend you assure that the surface onto which you want to attach your sticker has the following features:

- Free of dust and grease
- Smooth
- Free of silicone and oil-based paints (eg latex paint)
- Without emulsion paint.

If the surface has been freshly painted, we recommend that you wait at least four weeks for the paint to cure completely before you attach your wall decal!


The smallest wall decals we offer measure 9cm x 21cm; XXL wall decals even measure 1,22m x 15,35m! 
In case the shortest side measures more than 1,44m, your decal will be printed on several segments.
For efficient use of materials, multi-part designs are arranged differently for printing. In order to separate the individual parts for your own taste you can use scissors or a cutter knife.

Mounting Made Easy

yourdecoshop wall decals are made of two layers of high-quality film. For filigree designs we use an additional transfer foil to facilitate mounting. In this case, you gently peel away the white backing paper. Then take the transparent foil including your wall decoration and put in onto your wall. Ideally, you get yourself a squeegee for better handling which makes mounting easy. Eventually, you have to remove the transfer film for filigree stickers.

Installation instructions are enclosed with each order.

Here you can find a detailed step-by-step guide: installation instruction

Storage of wall decals

We recommend mounting your wall decal within 14 days, otherwise the adhesive will lose its adhesive power for emerging air bubbles between backing paper and transfer film.  Thus, the wall decor is produced exclusively and customized for your purposes only!

Our Tip for Mounting

yourdecoshop offers the squeegee for better handling. This professional tool avoids damage to your motif.

Swarovski Crystals can be the decorative highlight for your wall decoration! Are you interested?
Just order!

Need a change? No Problem! yourdecoshop decals can be removed from your wall easily and without any residue! The temperature of the base coat and surroundings need to be at least +20°C. Use a knife or tweezers to gently ease the foil off the wall and remove the sticker slowly at a sharp 180-degree angle. To ease the process just use a hair dryer to warm the foil.


You are unsure if your surface is suitable for a decal or about which colour to choose? Simply have us send you a sample. Send us an email with your request and the subject line

Please note, that each product is produced individually for your purposes only. Hence, assure you order the right colour and size.

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